picture of Communiclock talking clock with calendar

Communiclock Talking Clock with Calendar

Exclusive to RNIB, this talking clock announces the time and date in a clear, high-quality natural male English voice. The design of the clock has evolved from our previous best-selling talking cube clocks, with a large button on the top, clear setting buttons, good color contrast in black and pearl white, and a new, improved curved casing.

  • Press the large black button on the top once to hear the time or press and hold to hear the time, day, date and year
  • The large speaker grill on the front of the clock provides optimum sound quality
  • You can adjust the volume by using the rotary volume control on the front of the clock
  • Features five alarm sounds and an optional hourly announcement, that once activated, announces the time on the hour every hour
  • The square Mode and round Set buttons are discretely positioned on the base of the clock
  • Alarm sounds for one minute and then self-cancels. The alarm can be switched off any time during this minute by pressing the large button on top of the clock
  • Click here for a sample reading from Communiclock. Then clicik "Back" to return to this page.

Please note: RNIB does not guarantee batteries

Communiclock Dimensions

Dimensions: Height 3.54" Width 3.15" Depth 3.85"

Price: $39.00

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