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Talking Measuring Jug

A high-quality male English voice announces the measurements which are in imperial - pints and fluid ounces, metric - liters and milliliters and U.S - pints and fluid ounces and can convert readings between any of these.

  • Liquid can be added either with the jug on a worktop or by holding the jug the volume of the contents of the jug are spoken at the press of a button or automatically as a liquid is added
  • The reading can be set to zero once a measurement has been taken, without emptying the container to allow a measured volume of a second liquid to be added
  • The user defined function allows the jug to be calibrated for any liquid, or indeed any solid ingredient
  • Container is removable for easy cleaning and holds up to two liters of liquid
  • Speech volume is adjustable
  • Supplied with one PP3 9v alkaline battery.
  • Please note: RNIB does not guarantee batteries

    Diameter: Dimensions - Height: 9.45", Width: 5.51", Length: 11.81", Weight: 2.53 lbs.

    Price: $86.00

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