Enlarged picture of Mereo Mergo folding long cane

Mereo Mergo folding cane

Reflective five-section extendable aluminum cane with smooth ergonomic wooden handle made of beech. The handle has a unique shock-absorbing feature at its base, to help absorb the shock from irregularities on the ground and impact with obstacles, providing a smooth movement.

  • please note: this cane is not supplied with a tip
  • choose from one of the following eight threaded tips for your cane:
  • Ceramic tip, Marshmallow tip, High mileage marshmallow tip, Jumbo roller tip, Metal glide tip, Pencil tip
  • the bottom 10cm of the cane shaft has thick red tape around it, to help protect the cane shaft if it makes contact with obstacles
  • between the main body of the cane shaft and the handle is a telescopic shaft, which enables you to extend the length of the cane. Simply unscrew the top of the telescopic shaft and increase or decrease the length of the shaft as required and then tighten the shaft again
  • choice of four lengths:
    • ML182: (38-41 inches)
    • ML183: (44-48 inches)
    • ML184: (48-52 inches)
    • ML185: (52-56 inches)

Price: $83.00

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